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Audition Magician

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Audition Magician - Guidebook

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I used some of the things you taught us in an audition. Tomorrow I will be on my first professional film job filming a scene with the wonderful Juliette Binoche…”
Stephen James Mullan,

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What can you expect to learn with NLP For Actors.com

  • Audition Strategy

    “If I just believe in myself  I’ll get the job.” 

    That’s not really auditioning, that’s just believing in “Hope“.  Learn a new kind of strategy where everybody wins. When you have this type of experience –  you serve yourself, the writer and the people in the room – they want to call you back. 

    Imagine that feeling?

  • Mental Strategy

    “Unleash the power of your “body/mind

    Scientists agree we use about 5% of our mental capacity. Well that doesn’t make sense for actors – I teach you how to use the other 95%! Imagine what happens when all that extra power arrives in the room with you. Do you think things change?


  • Emotional Strategy

    “Create an organic confident presence”

    It takes about a moment to learn how to do this. And when you take that moment in the audition room – everybody relaxes. In that moment lies the difference between disappointment and  joy. It really is a personal choice.

    Which would you rather feel?

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