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nail an acting audition, nick dunning, acting tips, acting coach, acting lessons
nail an acting audition, nick dunning, acting audition
nail an acting audition
nail an acting audition

How To Nail An Acting Audition

Want to know "How to nail an acting audition"? It's much easier than you imagine. The correct mindset goes a long way to helping you nail your acting audition. Here's a free video that will help you.

There are many other free training videos that you can here for nailing your acting auditions - easily and quickly.

Video Testimonials

"This workshop (Raising The Bar) prepared me in ways I had not even imagined, its unlike any other workshop I have attended. It gave me tools that will help me in ordinary life as well as my acting career. I can't recommend this course highly enough, it was inspirational. 18th October 2014."

Stephen Cowan

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What can you expect to learn with NLP For

  • Audition Strategy

    Ever get stuck knowing exactly how you should handle auditions?

    Discover strategies that compel casting directors to call you back.


  • Mental Strategy

    Scientists say we use about 5% of our mental capacity. I show you how to use the other 95%!

    Do you think things might change?

    How fast?

  • Emotional Strategy

    Master your emotions – master your auditions. In that second of choice lies the difference between heartache and joy.

    It is a choice.

    Which emotion would you choose?

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